Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Retail Technology: Building the Bridge to Tommorrow's Retail Technologies-Bill Payment Services-Preapid Cellular Services

Retail Technology: Building the Bridge to Tommorrow's Retail Technologies. Bill Payment Services-Prepaid Cellular Services

Mainstream retailers are well on their way to adopting Web services and service-based architectures, and moving to helping the unbanked. These moves are already having an impact on old-school retailers: Some merchant are reconsidering their commitment to older solutions, and moving back to a best of breed approach to buying solutions. But it's not yet clear whether service-based architectures will finally spur mechants to get serious about improving quality, or set the stage for finding more innovative uses of technology. innovation.

Flexible in-store, bill payment money solutions are seamlessly designed to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue and reduce the cost of doing business for retailers. Built upon leading technologies, its full-service solutions provide the foundation for retail success.

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