Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Prepaid Cellular Phone Services Provider Carriers Offers New Revenue Source to Merchant Retailers

Attention, All Merchant Retailers!. Prepaid Cellular Phone Services Provider Carriers Offers New Revenue Source to Merchant Retailers

Every once in a while a product comes along and revolutionizes the way we do business. Electronic online prepaid cellular phone services is one such product.

No Lease or Lease Company Hassles!

Welcome to the future of Pre-Paid Services! The Advanced Electronic P.O.S. Activation System.

Now you can cash in on the Multi-Billion Dollar Walk-In Pre-Paid Industry Cellular Bill Payments.

With your businesses having Prepaid Cellular Services Direct, your customers will quickly and easily top-up their accounts, from prepaid or, monthly cellular phone service airtime, international top-ups, RECHARGEABLE long distance phone cards, to Customers Paying All Prepaid Cellular Phone bills In Your Retail Merchant Locations.

This platform enables a merchant retailer to act as a payment agent, allowing their walk-in customers to pay all of their Prepaid Cellular Phone bills at the merchant's locations. Walk-In Bill Payments Service will enhance merchant's ability to increase their walk-in traffic, increase their revenues, and accept payments anytime, anywhere, in any fashion to most cellular phone carriers for the walk-in customers true bill amount by offering RTR payments - Real Time replenishment.

The convenience of this electronic transaction is unparalleled.

The prepaid wireless service offers pay-as-you-go options via a virtual or point-of-sale terminal at the retailers counter.

This service allows retailers to top-up all types of customers prepaid cellular phone services and more!, in addition will recharge wireless phones on-line in a matter of seconds, without the risks and issues associated with stocking scratch cards or long distance card.

This dynamic service was created in response to the growing demand for prepaid cellular phone services across the U.S.

PREPAID DIRECT WIRELESS service providers have the solutions to the problem of prepaid services.

Historically, the delivery of prepaid cellular services has been achieve through physical cards (often called "vouchers"). Retailers of prepaid card services are with high cost inventory, because of multiple face values from multiple providers companies, theft risks, space requirements and inventory management, not any longer with Prepaid Direct Wireless POSA solutions that eliminate retailers risk and distribution cost, plus your location earn more per sale, this is breakthrough direct new business solutions to help the merchant retailers store fronts of the future.

The concept of contract wireless is foreign to no one. What consumers seem to have forgotten is that they are locked in to one and two year contracts giving them little choice after they accept the terms of such agreements, not such with prepaid cellular. The only difference between prepaid wireless and contract wireless is that your customers are in full control. It is time your customers discover what other subscribers around the world have known for a while: Prepaid Wireless is the best alternative, it is the future of wireless.

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*IMPORTANT NOTES: If you currently offering prepaid refill recharges in your store - Indeed, still PLEASE contact customers services department to see have how your walk-in customers become satisfied with repeat foot traffic for you store front, Plus how we will offer better rates or match to have your bottom line extremely happy with amazing results. Inform customers services department, what you are currently receiving with proof, and be ready to signup with an proven cellular phone payment solution.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Wave Of Future For Merchant Retailers. Celullar Phones Services

In the past some waxed futuristic, saying that someday there will be a cell phone in every car. No one, not even its creator, could imagine that the cell phone would become the most significant consumer electronic device in history; bigger than its wired cousin; bigger than TV’s; even bigger than PC’s. But that's exactly what’s happening.

A report by the Gartner Group projected that by 2019, manufacturers will be selling 10 billion cell phones each year. By then, 5.6 billion people worldwide will be using cell phones, Gartner says.

The cell phone's impact is so huge because it’s so widespread. Anything so big, so powerful, so far reaching can literally transform society.

Many sources project that this year cell phones will outnumber land lines in the US. Right now the mighty cell phone is challenging the desktop PC as the single most important productivity and entertainment tool. With worldwide ring tone sales reaching more than US $4 billion last year, most via over the air downloads charged to the cell phone bill, the viability of the cell phone as a commerce platform has already been proven.

So it’s easy to see how social change can happen. Cell phones are now an intrinsic part of our life. When we misplace them we panic, when we break them we seek counseling, when we lose them we mourn. Our entire life - phone numbers, contact names, important dates, kids pictures, favorite games, CD collection - is stored on this mass of silicon and copper wiring.

Just exactly how the cell phone will affect our future no one can be certain. But we can be certain that the effect on society will be huge. Will our identity be tied to our cell phone number; will cell phones become digital wallets; will they be electronic leashes keeping track of our children; will we someday be able to get USDA approved Motorola cell phone implants?

Who knows? One thing we do know is that new businesses will pop up, new ways to make money will be discovered, we’ll find new ways to be entertained and the cell phone will continue shape society. But for now let’s just enjoy the new 20 megapixel, nuclear powered, video mail enabled iPod credit card flip phone made by Motorola-Berry…sorry…there I go…waxing futuristic again.

Prepaid Cellular & Bill Payment The Future For Merchant Retailers.

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