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PREPAID CELLULAR PHONE TECHNOLOGY MEANS OPPORTUNITY FOR CONVENIENCE RETAIL STORES - Far From Being a Threat, Innovation are Helping Convenience Store do More Repeat Walk-In Traffic.

Prepaid cellular phone - prepaid system services is all set to serve a new customer segment with its breakthrough cost savings for pay as you go customers and proven results repeat business for retailers.

Unlike the contract plan, the pay as you go plans or pre-paid plans, require no contracts, no credit card requirements and no monthly fees. This plan is popular among adults who use their cell phones minimally and for teenagers who are not financially savvy. .

Though the pay as you go cell phone plan has been the norm in the UK, it started gaining patronage in the U.S. only since the start of recession.

Virgin Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Boost, Simple Mobile and T-Mobile are some of the cell phone service providers in the U.S. offering the pay as you go plan.

Earlier in the week, Virgin Mobile introduced a new, $40 monthly plan for its prepaid service that provides unlimited 3G data usage, replacing its previous plans: $20 per month for 300MB; $40 per month for 1GB; or $60 per month for 5GB.

Consumers planning to switch to no contract cell phone plans will have one more option to choose from, also Verizon Wireless is opening up access to smart phones for customers who prepay for service, which includes people with poor credit and those who don't want to be tied down by long-term contracts.

Prepaid service has long been the domain of low-end phones, but not anymore.

Verizon Wireless, the country's largest cellular carrier, says it started to sell smart phones for prepaid service in its stores..

The pie is big enough for every retailer, Retailers can have repeat traffic in many ways in the prepaid business. Prepaid Cellular and Walk-in Bill Payments is gaining momentum, there is a huge demand for prepaid, people are demanding these services.

The all you can eat unlimited cellular prepaid carriers are seeing more people go to prepaid than ever before and prepaid cellular is going to continue to grow. IT HAS MORE POTENTIAL THAN CONTRACT PHONES.

To learn how to offer prepaid phones & direct top for all unlimited prepaid cellular phone providers in your retail establishment for business owners only continued to

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