Thursday, July 21, 2005

Complete Bill Payment Services That Offers Major Prepaid Cellular Services To Help Merchants Reach The Unbanked.

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Complete bill payment services system that offers different major cellular services to help businesses to help merchants walk-in customers, toll free number have been up-dated 877-WireLSS or 877-947-3577.
The Wave Of The Future, the SMART Solutions.
Think about it. This is all about how to increase traffic by deploying innovative strategies to make retailers more competitive with greater option innovations in technology, that hold the promise of generating additional capital to allow retailers to compete more effectively and allow merchants to be more effective pursuing the detail of retail. The new technologies involves no upfront cost, monthly fees or inventory costs.

It' s not how SMART your business are, It's HOW your businesses are SMART!.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Technologies that's Powering Merchant Retailers. Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Phones Plans

WALK-IN BILL PAYMENT: Done regularly by 35% of American households, can now be delivered with a simple web based solution, driving significant new store traffic and revenue for store retailers.

PREPAID CELLULAR PHONES: Prepaid cellular phones are one of the most intriguing recent developments in wireless service. Prepaid wireles cellular services is currently being offered by all the major cellular services.

Prepaid cell phones are typically very attractively priced. They often cost less than $100 and are sometimes accompanied by deals, such as rebates, a starter phone card for some nominal amount of air time, or a variety fo phone accessories.

Prepaid cellular phones, unlike their more conventional counterparts, do not require a commitment to a monthly service plan. Instead users prepay for air time much as they might buy long-distance phone cards. Prepaid cell phones are of substantial interest to users who might like to have a cellular phone for occasional use--for unexpected roadside emergencies, for example. But if your customers just want th have a cell phone as insurance, it can be irritating to pay a conventional cellular telephone bill of $20 or $30 a Month, month after month. For this type of user, prepaid cell phones may seem quite attractive.
PREPAID DEBIT CARDS: Currently a $600 Million market, expected to grow to over $5 Billion by 2007. Merchant store retailer should be issuing a branded card, and offering universal refill similar to the Prepaid Wireless Model.
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