Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye, Supercenters: Convenience Store Retailers are Getting Focused, Adaptable to walk-in repeat Foot Traffic

Small merchant retailers is going postmodern. No, you won't be seeing installation art at big chain stores any time soon, In fact, you won't be seeing big chain store itself for long at least not as generic supercenter type mega box. A tech-driven, and intensely competitive retail world is spinning toward a more focused, smaller, tech-savvy convenience store universe.

It's a place where, in less than a decade, merchant retailers, who survive will be all over digital electronic retail solutions and mobile technology, and store footprints will shift from gigantic outlets that sell everything to smaller stores focused on specific consumers and their needs. The retail world may, in other words, look more and more like a high-tech version of a street market in Casablanca.

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