Monday, November 29, 2010

The Total Prepay Cellular Phone Solutions for Merchant Retailers

When you start a retail business there are many things to consider, what kind of point-of-sale system do you want; what are your stock management needs; do you need to network shops, how will you manage your books, analyse your profitability and grow your business; and how will you deal with technical issues and stay up-to-date with changes in the retail industry.

If you are looking to start a prepaid cellular retail business, a cellular phone topup retail business solution can help you. Prepaid Wireless Direct offers a complete range of retail services from Prepaid Cellular, bill payment servies, international money transfer, debit card cash loading, International Top Up - This product allows your customers to directly recharge cell phones for friends and family in over 60 countries! with technical support, and training.

Sales are the most important aspect of any retail business. During a busy retail day, you may process a variety of transactions. Customers may only be in your store for a short period of time, so you want to ensure a positive customer experience. To do this, you need to be able to process sales quickly and make the most of promoting other items in your store.

What makes a retail business profitable?

For a retail business to be profitable, there are seven main financial indicators that need to be

Sales—What are your sales targets and are you achieving them? Who are your customers,
what do they buy and how much do they spend?

Margin—What margins are you getting on your sales? (Margin is the difference between
the cost of goods and the selling price and is expressed as a percentage of selling price.

Stock levels—What are your best selling items and do you have sufficient quantities on

Stock turns—What is your return on investment for the stock you have purchased?

Total occupancy costs—What is the total amount you pay each month for your premises,
including rent and associated costs?

Other costs—What are your staffing costs and costs associated with renting furniture and

Cash Flow—How do you manage your cash?

Understanding each of these financial indicators is essential to building and sustaining a
profitable business.

Prepaid Direct Wireless offers a turn-key program that will help you generate extra revenue without acquiring inventory!

There is absolutely no cost to you to get started and set up is simple.

We have a fast growing network of retail agent partners all across the United States.

We provide proven marketing strategies and assistance for our agent locations to aid in a successful product launch.

Superior customer support.

To get started today or for more information, please call (877) 947-3577 or email:

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider.Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



All New-Brand New Prepaid Phone Payment Plans for walk-in customers, that give retailers business owners repeat traiffic business results., a leading prepaid wireless distributor in North America, is now offering merchant retailers Real Time Replenishment (RTR) PREPAID PHONE PAYMENT SYSTEMS provided by T-Wireless. Real Time Replenishment is enabling Wireless Direct merchant retailers to instantly refill their Prepaid Phone. Also, with the T-Wireless Real Time Replenishment platform, customers do not have to wait for pin numbers, All new replenishments plans start as low as $6.75 per month unlimited talk + FREE PHONE with upgrade plans available, and buyers can talk all they want. is proud to be a partner with T-Wireless and utilize their PREPAID CELLULAR PHONE PAYMENT SYSTEM replenishment platform. Merchant retailers advantage, will allows them to offer the most technology to benefit there customers. is a primary vendor for T-Wireless products.

For Oklahoma Merchant Retailers Only at this time, all other states will be put on list, contacted when available.

For more infomation please e-mail:

RETAIL BUSINESS OWNERS ONLY PLEASE RESPOND!In E-mail subject line: Your Name, business name, business address, business phone number, city and state, with the best times to contact you.

For More Infomation Call (877) 947-3577

Monday, November 08, 2010


PREPAID CELLULAR PHONE TECHNOLOGY MEANS OPPORTUNITY FOR CONVENIENCE RETAIL STORES - Far From Being a Threat, Innovation are Helping Convenience Store do More Repeat Walk-In Traffic.

Prepaid cellular phone - prepaid system services is all set to serve a new customer segment with its breakthrough cost savings for pay as you go customers and proven results repeat business for retailers.

Unlike the contract plan, the pay as you go plans or pre-paid plans, require no contracts, no credit card requirements and no monthly fees. This plan is popular among adults who use their cell phones minimally and for teenagers who are not financially savvy. .

Though the pay as you go cell phone plan has been the norm in the UK, it started gaining patronage in the U.S. only since the start of recession.

Virgin Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Boost, Simple Mobile and T-Mobile are some of the cell phone service providers in the U.S. offering the pay as you go plan.

Earlier in the week, Virgin Mobile introduced a new, $40 monthly plan for its prepaid service that provides unlimited 3G data usage, replacing its previous plans: $20 per month for 300MB; $40 per month for 1GB; or $60 per month for 5GB.

Consumers planning to switch to no contract cell phone plans will have one more option to choose from, also Verizon Wireless is opening up access to smart phones for customers who prepay for service, which includes people with poor credit and those who don't want to be tied down by long-term contracts.

Prepaid service has long been the domain of low-end phones, but not anymore.

Verizon Wireless, the country's largest cellular carrier, says it started to sell smart phones for prepaid service in its stores..

The pie is big enough for every retailer, Retailers can have repeat traffic in many ways in the prepaid business. Prepaid Cellular and Walk-in Bill Payments is gaining momentum, there is a huge demand for prepaid, people are demanding these services.

The all you can eat unlimited cellular prepaid carriers are seeing more people go to prepaid than ever before and prepaid cellular is going to continue to grow. IT HAS MORE POTENTIAL THAN CONTRACT PHONES.

To learn how to offer prepaid phones & direct top for all unlimited prepaid cellular phone providers in your retail establishment for business owners only continued to

As more walk-in customer need prepaid top-up. Merchant retailers methods are evolving to respond to new technologies, If you would like more information on how prepaid cellular electronic recharge solutions can help grow your business, please call Wireless Direct: 1-877-947-3577

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