Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Merchant Retailers Are Helping Consumers Avoid The Dangers Of Cash!. Bill Payment Services & Prepaid Cellular Services-Prepaid Debit Cards Services.

Prepaid debit cards are a safe, convenient, flexible alternative to cash. Unlike cash, pepaid debit make it easy to track spending and decrease the risks caused by theft, while delivering the financial benefits of a payment card, such as simplified money handling and budget tracking.

Parents often find prepaid cards a welcome financial convenience to share with teens. The prepaid debit offer parents the peace of mind of knowing that their college students will never be short on cash should an emergency arise or without money to purchase everyday needs. The prepaid debit cards can also help parents teach smart money management techniques and financial responsibility. The prepaid debit cards also provide a safer alternative to cash while traveling. Unlike cash, which is gone if lost or stolen, the prepaid debit cards can be deactivated in the event of loss, preserving it's balance. It also eliminates the inconvenience of money orders and check cashing services for frequent users of cash.

The inherent security of the prepaid debit card can be significant that include parents funding college expenses or wanting to control and monitor the spending of their college students; giving consumers a safe way to make online purchases; or providing a mechanism for small business owners to and track petty cash for employee expenses, it's is simply an ideal solution for people that prefer to use cash rather than other means, for those wanting to control spending and for those who need more tangible security for their money. The prepaid debit cards is NOT a credit card and therefore does not give access to a credit line. Consumers use only the funds that are loaded on the prepaid debit card account.

The available prepaid debit cards & payroll cards with Prepaid Wireless Direct Call Today Toll Free 1-877-947-3577: www.prepaidwireless.2ya.com or www.prepaidwireless.payallbillshere.com

Bill Payment & Cellular Services, Plus Complete Prepaid Debit or payroll loading Card Station Includes: Access MoneyNow, ChexCard, Digital World Global Card, e-Money Now, Global e-Cash, InstaACCESS, gKard, DuoCard, Protege, Ultima, V2, Morgan Beaumont, IPS - Global Card.

Those cards can be loaded with our Complete Bill Payment Service System at merchant retailers locations that wish to greatly increase their revenue, generate more walk-in traffic, attract new business, and provide a valued customer service.

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