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Bill Payment Service System | Prepaid Cellular Phone Providers Allow Merchant Retailers to Sell Pinless directly from Stores with Safe and Reliable Di

Bill Payment Service System | Prepaid Cellular Phone Providers Allow Merchant Retailers to Sell Pinless directly from Stores with Safe and Reliable Distribution System

This is a must read on for merchant retail business owners that don't wont to gamble, place the safe bet with Prepaid Wireless Direct | Prepaid Direct Wireless, the most safely and reliable merchant retail store system for merchant retail business owners and there walk-in customers, designed to bring in repeat walk-in traffic.

Automated bill payment services with prepaid cellular phone airtime recharges topup, prepaid debit cash loading, and international money transfer is quickly becoming a must-have solutions for merchant retailers, signaling a trend in which merchant retailers, are offering many bank-like options as possible for repeat walk-in traffic, that designed to help out other in-store goods and service. It may be true, walk-in customers that use direct in-store bill payments and prepaid cellular phone airtime recharge topups are more likely to stick with an retailer longer, to pay ANY bills and topup prepaid phones.

Bill paying services | Prepaid cellular phone airtime store systems, are the best walk-in customers for merchant retailers.

By the end of 2011, total prepaid/no-contract wireless subscriptions in the U.S. will represent for one out of four such accounts, a new high-water mark reflecting the recent and rapid erosion of consumer reliance on more expensive contract-based cell phone plans.

While traditional prepaid service subscriptions lost ground from the fourth quarter of 2009 to the fourth quarter of 2010, unlimited prepaid posted strong gains with 7.4 million new subscribers, up 45 percent over that one-year period. (Source: J.P. Morgan.)

Based on current growth trends, the total non-wholesale wireless market in the U.S. will reach about 290 million by the end of calendar year 2011. For the first time, non-contract prepaid subscriptions will account for roughly 25 percent of the total wireless picture, moving the U.S. more in line with wider use of prepaid in other nations.

The new prepaid trends are very much in keeping with previous forecasts by the New Millennium Research Council:

In March 2009, NMRC was the first to correctly forecast an imminent shift by cell phone consumers from more expensive contract-based cell phone service with often hefty cancellation penalties to less expensive no-contract prepaid service.

In March 2010, NMRC reported that – for the first quarter ever -- the number of new prepaid wireless phone customers in U.S. eclipsed the number of new contract-based phone customers during the final three months of 2009.

Last November, NMRC released survey data showing that one in five U.S. cell phone consumers with contract-based service – an estimated 24.6 million American adults – could switch in 2011 to less expensive unlimited prepaid wireless service with no early-cancellation penalty.

New Millennium Research Council, NMRC was 100 percent on the money in forecasting that 2010 would be the year of prepaid wireless service. It now looks like 2011 will be an even bigger year for no-contract wireless as more and more consumers realize the extent to which they can save hundreds of dollars each year with unlimited prepaid service while also avoiding the needless entanglements of restrictive contract-based cell phone service. This penny pinching will go on even as others are attracted to prepaid by unlimited plans and for connected devices.

Telecommunications analyst, said: “Prepaid services continue to become more mainstream, as attractive devices such as smartphones are offered by the leading prepaid operators. Also, we are seeing the market for additional connected devices such as iPads becoming a key part of prepaid.

How Wireless Cellular Stores, Food Marts/Gas Stations, Pawn Shops, Convenience Stores, Mail/Packing Store, Payday Loans, Check Cashing Location, Supermarkets, retailers can compete with multichannel giants can Increase profits and improve customer satisfaction...Now your customers can pay all or any bills here! and topup prepaid cellular phones.

Take payments from your customers for all their household bills due. (Drive repeat traffic into your establishment)

Telephone Bill
Utility Bill
Cable Bill
Cellular Bills
Charge Card Bills
(We have 1000s of billers in the system)
If they are not in they system, they are automatically added.

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Vist Bill Payment Services | Prepaid Cellular Phone Topup System | One-stop convenience for anyone wanting to pay any biller in your retail store. The nationwide, Internet-based process is underwritten by an FDIC - insured bank and utilizes relationships with thousands of commercial billers in various industries that have agreed to accept any payments electronically, to continue for more infomation too become a bill pay provider, become retail phone cards, bill payment services for retailers, retail stores bill payment system click Here! Request more infomation to get started.

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