Monday, August 07, 2006

Prepaid Cellular Phone Services Providers & Bill Payment Services. The One Stop-Shop-System For Merchant Retailers Business Owners

Prepaid Cellular Phone Providers & Bill Payment Services. The One Stop-Shop-System For Merchant Retailers.

The prepaid cellular services cell phone industry's stance on prepaids is hardly surprising, since such phones represent a $9 billion-a-year industry with 30 million users in the U.S., and that market is growing, said, a telecom analyst at in New York.

The traditional cell phone market, in which customers sign one- or two-year service contracts, is nearing saturation. As a result, lots of carriers are looking to go in this (prepaid) direction.

Prepaids are convenient, affordable and a viable alternative to entering into a lengthy contract that requires a credit card.

"There's no bill, no contract and no problems, And consumers have just as many options as the other phones.

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