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The Wave of The Future Wireless Dealers are offering cellular plans with low prices for unlimited talk and texts with data options.

The Wave of The Future Wireless Dealers are offering cellular plans with low prices for unlimited talk and texts with data options.

Prepaid Cell Phones Review
Wireless Service With No Strings Attached
Prepaid Cell Phone service provides an alternative to some of the pitfalls associated with traditional wireless service. Recent service enhancements make it attractive for a wider range of customers than ever before.

Why Choose Prepaid Cell Phone Service?
Mobile phone service for most Americans is provided by a handful of large cell phone providers on a contractual basis. Contracts typically cover two years and customers are billed monthly following a month’s service. But in much of the world, prepaid cell phones are the norm and more and more customers in the United States are finding that the advantages of a pre-paid service can outweigh the disadvantages.
When choosing cellular phone service, whether pre-paid or post paid, it’s most critical to choose a service that conforms to your personal phone usage. For example, a plan that offers great international calling rates at the expense of other features isn’t likely to be of much value to you if never place international calls.

Prepaid Phone Service Advantages
Eliminate Overage Charges
With many prepaid cell phone plans you can completely eliminate the possibility of costly per minute overage charges. If you buy a given number of minutes and reach that limit, the phone simply doesn’t function. That, of course, is also the case with the genuine unlimited programs. One note of caution, though. Just because it’s prepaid in and of itself doesn’t mean that there’s no chance of overages. With the advent of new plans, there are some that give you a predetermined number of minutes per month and after that the possibility of incurring overages is possible just as with postpaid plans with specific minutes per month features. It’s important to pay attention to the details of any plan you may choose.

No Contractual Commitment
There’s something to be said for the flexibility that accompanies having no lengthy contract. Early Termination Fees (ETF) for contract based cell phone service is typically $175 though some providers charge a little more or a little less. A disadvantage to a contract service comes into play if your phone quits working after the almost universal one year warranty period but before the two year contract is up. This could well put you in a position of needing a new phone and having to pay full retail price for it to avoid the ETF. Full price for a high end new phone could easily top $500.

No Credit Checks
When signing up for service with a postpaid cell phone provider, everyone is subjected to a credit check. If your credit’s great, no problem. But if there have been a few bumps along the way, that credit check could result in the wireless provider declining service or requiring a security deposit of as much as $400. It’s very common for younger people, who haven’t yet established a credit history to find themselves in the same situation.

Best Option for Minimal Cell Phone Users
Another feature of prepaid cell phone service that is often overlooked is that it can be by far the least expensive way to get the security and convenience of having cell phone access if you use the device on an extremely limited basis. Today it seems like everyone has a phone permanently affixed to the ear but there are many people who just don’t use a wireless phone much. For those people, one of the absolutely minimal cost plans could be ideal. You can find plans as for as low as $9.99 for 250 minutes and unlimited texts of service and those minutes can remain valid for as much as ninety days. Admittedly that represents a pricey $.333 per minute of usage so if you plan to use the phone much at all, that’s not a very good deal. One the other hand, if all you want is to have a phone at hand in the event of an emergency or for the rare phone call, a plan like that would be hard to beat.

What to Look for in a Prepaid Cell Phone Service
The features and plans offered by Prepaid Cell Phone providers have expanded astronomically recently. The once bare-bones, take it or leave it services now offer an array of options that even have longtime postpaid users giving them another look. Here are some of the plan features to check out as you consider prepaid cell phone service:

Unlimited “Everything” Plans
Plans that include unlimited phone calls, texting, email and internet access for a flat monthly fee have been a prominent development in the postpaid wireless world of late. A few of the prepaid cell phone providers have followed suit and now offer all inclusive plans that give the big guys a run for their money. Indeed, a couple of the prepaid plans will be superior to the best of the postpaid plans for some consumers.

The one downside to taking advantage of these everything plans is that many people are best able to exploit the plans’ full potential using high end smartphones.

Flexible Monthly Plans
Many prepaid wireless providers offer one or more monthly plans either in addition to or instead of an unlimited package. The plans can feature a variety of options at a variety of prices to meet the specific needs of individual consumers. The ability to easily change from one plan to another is desirable for many people prepaid providers are typically known for their flexibility in this regard. These plans generally offer a lower per minute cost the larger the plan that is chosen. Some of the plans include text messaging and other data services while others offer such services at additional cost. As is so often the case, choosing a plan that meets your individual needs is paramount.

Economical Daily Plans
Most prepaid cell phone providers have daily plans that can be money savers for customers who don’t use their phones on a daily basis. The scenario is that there is a small daily fee that is usually only charged on days that the phone is actually used. There are a couple of ways that these plans generally work. The first is that the daily fee gives you access to a lower per minute rate than the carrier’s base rate. Here’s a typical example of this type of plan. Say a given carrier’s basic fee is $.20 per minute. After paying the daily charge, typically $1, minutes are charged at just $.10. Another variation on this sort of plan charges a higher daily fee, for example, $3 but then offers unlimited calling on days that the phone is used. Determining which plan is best depends on individual phone usage patterns.

The several phone service providers use the terms to mean different things including some of the monthly and daily plans discussed above. For purposes of consistency, when we speak of pay-as-you-go, we’re referring to pure usage based phone charges. It’s the classic use of prepaid phone service in which a given amount of airtime is purchased and the balance is decremented as the phone is used.

The Wave of The Future Wireless Dealers are offering cellular plans with low prices for unlimited talk and texts with data options.

Activate used or New Sprint Devices on Nationwide Sprint Network. Deal directly with the country's premier Authorized Provider and get paid promptly and accurately, because we respect it's YOUR money!.

Activation and payment portal, it will NOT appear on any prepaid terminal system!

If your customer pays their bill online or through another dealer, you will still be compensated for your customer.

Receive instant Retailer location approval for this ground-floor opportunity with powerful network with sales materials.

The Plans
Basic Package
$9.99/mo + tax
250 minutes of talk time
Unlimited texts

Unlimited Talk & Text Nationwide Plans With Data Usage
$19.99/mo + tax
Unlimited talk
Unlimited text

Data Options
Unlimited emails
Unlimited webpages
Unlimited Facebook posts with photo upload
Unlimited app/game/song downloads
Unlimited hours of streaming music
Unlimited streaming video
Nation-Wide Coverage

Your wireless, Your customer way.

Here is how we did it. We started with what is most important with wireless… a dependable nationwide network. Were talking about Nationwide Sprint Network, not just local coverage. We listened to your customers…Your customer were tired of being forced to buy large plans of unlimited data to connect there smart phone. We all fell for the "unlimited" supersize plans and we learned more is not always more. So, we offer customizable plans. Now your customer can take control of there phone bill. Supersize there wallet, not there phone bill!

Become a Mobile Authorized Dealer
Want to become a Mobile Authorized Dealer?

Mobile has some of the best compensation plans. We know how tough the market is now! At Mobile we want to ensure your success, if our dealers are not successful neither are we.

For example Mobile offers one (1) mile protection from other Dealers in your area, we also give you the ability to make 90% of your profit on the front end.

Please call or click today by sending an e-mail by clicking HERE, in the body of the e-mail place your name, business name, business location address, store phone number, city and state with the best times to contact you. No infomation sent with-out this infomation, you must have an store front business, business license with either city, county, state business license or State's resale Certificate of Good Standing business license. Call today to get started immediatly, and or if you have any questions. If not available, just mean on the other line, please leave voice mail and your call will be return asap.

Any questions or to get started please call today: (877) 947-3577

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

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Prepaid Debit Cards with a range of unique features and a suite of payment services ranging from bill payment, prepaid cellular, to debit card loading.

Proud to announce the Prepaid Debit MasterCards is now available! If you are interested in selling the Prepaid Debit MasterCards, please contact us at 877-947-3577, option 1 or by email at

Specializes in card management business that provides Prepaid Debit Cards with a range of unique features and a suite of payment services ranging from bill payment, prepaid cellular, to debit card loading.

Focuses on markets that require payment services that are efficient, safe and low cost to the enduser.

The Easiest, Least Expensive Way to for your customer too Manage there Funds

Packed with features, Not with Fees!

Load up to $5,000.00 per month
Direct Deposit your paycheck
Reload at over 100,000 locations
Connect2Family member cards
No Fees on purchases
No Interest costs
Withdraw funds at ATM’s
Secure transactions
Convenient as cash

Your customer use it just like cash.
No Penalties
No Hidden Fees
Immediate Access
Merchant Acceptance

The Prepaid Debit MasterCards provides your walk-in customers the freedom and security to make purchases and withdraw cash anywhere in the world that Prepaid Debit MasterCards is accepted without the need to apply for a bank account. Unlike a credit card the Prepaid Debit MasterCards only uses money they load from your business, so your customers never worry about getting into debt. By using the Prepaid Debit MasterCards it eliminate the risk of carrying cash. With PIN number protection, if the card is lost or stolen, it can be cancelled, and the funds transferred to a replacement card sent to the customer.

Debit Card Cash Load Card
Reload with Cash will be at your approved Retail Location:

Direct Deposit:
Have all or part of your walk-in customers paycheck or government benefits payment deposited to Prepaid Debit MasterCards and the customer avoid reload charges. Easy for your customers too Enroll!, Simply download and complete the Direct Deposit form, they give it to payment department or benefit provider.

Personal Bank Account
Customer can Transfer funds from personal bank account via ACH to Prepaid Debit MasterCards by sending funds to the account number and routing number shown to your customers when logged in to there Prepaid Debit MasterCards account online.

Make Purchases
With a Prepaid Debit MasterCards your customers are free to make purchases anywhere in the world that Prepaid Debit MasterCards is accepted- and since they only spend money that they have loaded to the card, they can be confident that are not risking mounting interest fees.

When using Prepaid Debit MasterCards and PIN is easy, simply swipe Prepaid Debit MasterCard through your merchant terminal. You can choose either a “credit” or “debit” transaction. If they choose debit, they will need to enter ATM PIN. These transactions are FREE of charge, can also get cash back at retail stores and use your card for online purchases.

When using card at a gas station, they simply go into the gas station and pay the cashier. Do not pay at the pump or a hold will be put on your card. At hotels, your card may have a $100 hold.

The Prepaid Debit MasterCards may also be used to obtain cash back at merchants and for online purchases. Your customer feel secure that by carrying the Prepaid Debit MasterCards, all of purchases are backed by the security of Prepaid Debit MasterCards Worldwide.

ATM Withdrawal
Insert your Prepaid Debit MasterCards into any ATM worldwide where the Prepaid Debit MasterCard logo appears and chose the “checking” option. Enter ATM PIN and proceed with transaction.

Transfer Funds
Now your customer have a simple way of sharing funds with family members and having control of how much they spend. Your cutomers can load funds to their cards in your locations whenever they need to.

The Prepaid Debit MasterCards may have up to 3 subsidiary cards in the US for sharing funds with family members. Each subsidiary card is connected to the customers card and they pay no direct fees for their transactions, any fees are deducted from the owners card.

Your customer may also transfer funds from Prepaid Debit MasterCards to another (non-subsidiary) Prepaid Debit MasterCards by simply linking both cards. The just Login to account online and choose “link card”, then continue to set the amount to transfer and submit. The funds are immediately available on the linked card.

Pay Bills
With the Prepaid Debit MasterCards your customer not only save time by shopping and paying bills in your store location, but have the convenience of buying items such as airline tickets that increasingly require a credit card number.

Pay thousands or ANY billers directly from Prepaid Debit MasterCards in your locations. Your customer can pay most utilities, banks, auto financing, credit card and cellular phone companies as well as most other types of businesses accepting electronic payments.

With fraud and identity theft becoming a bigger issue each year, Prepaid Debit MasterCards is a safer way to protect identity and make purchases on unfamiliar web sites as your customers only need to load as much funds as are required for that purchase in your locations.

Proud to announce the Prepaid Debit MasterCards is now available! If you are interested in selling the Prepaid Debit MasterCards, please contact us at 877-947-3577, option 1 or by email at

For more infomation Click Here or call (877)947-3577 ext:1:

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Convenience store retailers must embrace technology or dig a hole, because it is not going away. Mastering customer need in particular, is the key to success for c-store retailers moving forward.

Business owners and operators are in full swing. Many may overlook the importance of store payment technology. Simply put, a business can't make money, if it can't accept money and a business that don't advertise is an business for sale. In the emerging retail environment, the repeat walk-in store traffic system, clearly present opportunities for retail businesses and therefore, it's absolutely crucial to prepare now for increased store traffic on how your store become NEED FILLERS. Savvy business store owners and operators should explore and implement our unrivaled payments system to maximize your place of business cross channel profitable for upcoming years, that offers high discounts with reliable and dependability, the key to the wave of the future retail payment technology. Don't let your retail store plans stop at the back door or your repeat business walk out the front door. You can, You must and You will embrace store technology one day.

A Bill Payment Center Business Is Great For:

ALL Merchants, Cell phone Dealer, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Gasoline Stations, Discount stores, TAX Offices, Pawnshops, Check Cashing Centers, Pay Day Loan, Supermarkets, Neighborhood Marketplaces, and more.

Bill Payment Center Perks

• Earn Money On Each Transaction
• Never Pay For Plastic
• Increase Location Foot Traffic
• See Residual Income Month After Month
• Instant Savings On Your Own Bills

What we offer:
• Walk-in Payments — Consumers can walk in and pay thousands of bills like prepaid wireless, international long distance, prepaid energy and other services with cash.

10,000 Providers:
• Expedited bill payments – Consumers walk in and can pay thousands of bills with cash.

• Prepaid wireless – All the most popular prepaid wireless options including electronic PINs and real-time-refills, high discounts.

• International top-up – Consumers can top-up their friend's and family's phones in Bolivia, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and more.

• Prepaid long distance – Offer your consumers the ability to prepay for calls to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Mexico, Central America and more.

• Cellular Phones and Cellular Phone In-Store Cell Activation Store Portal - THE HOTEST NEW PREPAID CELLULAR SYSTEM IN WIRELESS SINCE BOOST MOBILE STARED BACK IN THE DAYS!! - Activate used or New Sprint Phones on Nationwide Sprint Network. $19.99+tax Unlimited Talk & Text with data options on a Nationwide Network covering over 250 Million people.

Offer Financing in Your Store: No one should have to leave a store empty handed because of bad credit or the inability to pay upfront. You read right! Offer financing in your store, with no credit check! The prepaid cellular industry is changing. Many major carriers like Virgin, Cricket, etc. are carrying the iphone. Not to mention, all the smartphones and sim based mnvo's on the market! Problem is the prepaid consumer can't afford it! Until now! You can sell your customer say $300 phone and they only make a $12.91 / week payment. "iPhone for $300 or $12.91 each week for 12 months!" OR ANY OTHER BIG ITEMS YOU SELL IN YOUR STORES.

Their is no credit check. Their are qualifications. They have to have a job and a bank account! You are funded in your bank account just as if you had taken a credit card! That's right! 48 hours and the money is in your account! No liabilities, No Chargebacks!. Program makes it easier for customers to do business with you. Today more stores are turning away customers and losing sales due to bad credit or the customer’s inability to pay upfront. Wireless Direct specializes in offering options to consumers no matter what their credit score is.

New device leasing program will provide your customers with:
• lease will be on a 12 month term
• Early buyout options available

You are able too finance any of your in-store products, such as appliances, furniture, electronics, jewlery, tires & rims, remote start-ups, alarm system, car audio and anything not attached too the home, for example, cannot finance flooring.

To become a Wireless Solutions Payment Technology Store Processor Payment Store Agent and enjoy unbeatable discounts for your business, quick turnaround, and helpful customer support Please use any of the methods below to contact us for questions, concerns or suggestions.

Contact Us Today!. Same day approvals, bad credit, no problem.
Phone Toll Free: 877-947-3577 Ex:1

Payment Processor Provider

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

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Attention, All Cellular Wireless Stores, Launch handset financing program

Attention, All Cellular Wireless Stores, Launch handset financing program

Cellular store in the US have recently launched handset financing options that will alllow eligible customer to make a down payment on a smartphone and pay off the remainder in the future. The programs are geared toward helping the prepaid carrier's customer afford high-end smartphones, which the carriers do not heavily subsidize and can cost as much as $500 upfront.

Cellular stores are now able to provide handset financing options to its customers. We will cover the cost of the handset and make money via interest and repayment fees, However, neither will we conduct an credit check, instead, both require only access to an active bank account.

Cellular store walk-in customers who purchase more than $150 worth of hardware (Phones and accessories) can apply for a loan at your stores. The program can pay up to 90 percent ot the value of the purchase, which means that customers could walk out of your store with an Apple iPhone 5 after just $105-price that includes the first month of service and 10 percent of the cost of the phone.

The retail store owners will become really excited about it, and your walk-in customer will be more excited about our rate plans, but they're struggling with the fact that an iPhone 5 is $500 upfront.

If a customer pay off the loan within 90 day that are not assessed an interest fee, and they can take up to 12 months to pay off the full amount. The financing agreement is between the customer and finance, and the retail stores won't have to deal with late fees or interest payments.

The wave ot the future phone plans will not require customer to sign service contract, which means neither carrier heavily subsidizes the cost of the phones it sells. Postpaid carriers are able to heavily subsidizes the cost of handsets because they can recoup that expense through assured monthy service charges, Thus, handset financing can allow prepaid carriers to sell more expensive smartphone for lower initial prices, a key tactic in an industry where smartphones continue to generate significant sales.

For more infomation call today: 877-947-3577 EXT: 1

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.