Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Attention, All Convenience and Wireless Stores! Complete Bill Payment Services | Prepaid Cellular Phone Refills | It's Your Walk-in Traffic Future. You're Not Dreaming.

You're not dreaming, approval of your stores is back, to refill prepaid cellular phones within your store to bring back repeat foot store traffic with all the cellular phone prepaid providers.

It's a Prepaid Cellular Phone Future

The one-time rock of the wireless industry appears set to crumble. And I think the crumbling can't come soon enough. That rock is monthly contracts-postpaid, contract-encumbered rate plans. There were necessary evils when the industry was rife with hundreds of wireless operators, each trying to poach each others customers. But time have changed. We are not operating in a market where there are only a handful of carriers, each offering nearly identical coverage and rate plans. The reasons for your customers to jump ship are easy. Thus the rise of no-contract, prepaid services. The reasoning is sound, why should they pay for something that they might use, when your customers can pay for something that there using.

Players like Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Simple Mobile, Page Plus, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, MetroPcs and Many others have made the no-contract space ultra-competitive with fierce competition from nationwide operators. But with growth among the monthly contract postpaid crowd slowing, that is no longer the case. The change recently revamped, by all the major cellular phone providers line up is an attempt to make it more competitive with other offerings with bringing the local merchant retailers into becoming need fillers to there walk-in loyal customers.

This is not a new topic, cellular carriers have dabble with prepaid offerings in an attempt to attract more customers, plus the goals, to bring repeat retail store energy repeat foot traffic to merchant retailers nation-wide, the move toward no-contract offering has more stimulus for all, including the store owners and walk-in customers.


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