Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Electronic Payment Services Bill Paying Services | Prepaid Cellular Phone Companies Improves Walk-in Traffic Customer Services for Merchants Retailers

Walk-in Solutions Benefit Merchant Retailers that offer Prepaid Cellular Phone Topups - Bill Paying Services that help Improve Customer Service from Repeat Walk-in Foot Traffic

Suggestions for Improving Customer Service:

Ensure staff take a friendly approach to customers by smiling
Greet all customers with an appropriate greeting and offer of assistance
Ensure all staff are well presented, clean and tidy
Ensure all staff wear name badges (first names are sufficient
Ensure all staff have training to provide them with basic product knowledge
of stock
Ensure aisles are uncluttered and the store layout is logical
Store layout and merchandise should reflect store image
Ensure lighting is sufficient
Having advertised merchandise available in the store
Having sufficient additional services available for customers such as; home
delivery (where appropriate), EFTPOS and Credit Card facilities (For ease of

Benefits of Improving Customer

Increased customer retention rates
Attracting new customers through
word of mouth
Reduced marketing costs
Increased job satisfaction for staff
Stronger competitive position
Increased sales and profit

For a great traffic builder that help improve walk-in customer services designed too encouraging your walk-in customers to come back month after month. Getting customers into your stores to pay all there bills is going to become more and more simple, once customers get used to, and know they can pay all billers their, It will become a habit!. Bill Payment Solutions that shares a common vision with you about how your business can win in your market. This will be exciting of your business becoming need-fillers for your customers, the new emerging innovating Bill Payment Service, Cellular Service Providers concept for merchant retailers.

Merchant retailers can now offer a range of add-on solutions to compliment any existing business walk-in traiffc that help brings added value to retail businesses such as Convenience Stores, Banks, Supermarkets, Financial Service Centers, Gas Stations, Casinos, Pawn Shops, Specialty Store, Pack & Mail Store, Check Cashing Locations, Payday Loan Locations, Neighborhood Market, Employee Benefits Packages for your Employees, and Ministries Organization's, with ministries by adding the value, are offering an innovative service for individuals needing assistance with their financial matters, As a walk-in payment agent, ministries will be able to offer one convenient location to pay for those they desire to help.

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