Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prepaid Cellular Wireless in the New Economy with No Contracts Sizzles for Merchant Retailers

Whatever you call it, prepaid cellular phones or no contract cellular phones. US wireless carriers saw an overall decline in monthly contract wireless subscriptions as users gravitate toward prepaid or No Contract Cellular Phone Offers.

Leading industry research analysts report that no contract wireless revenues in the US already top $20 billion each year over the next five years.

What's the main force Driving Growth in No Contract?

Clearly, the cost consciousness customers have reshaped prepaid wireless in the last few years. The consumer's habit to spend less, along with price competition, newer more sophisticated handsets, and unlimited bundling have all contributed to the migration from postpaid to no contract. Conservative consumers like unlimited no contract plans.

The facts is as more users reject the carrier contract model, merchant retailers will be forced to offer more options that appeal to different types of customers. It's a new dawn for prepaid wireless or as they call it now, no contract phones.

Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider. Retail Licensing Provider of Bill Payment Services & Cellular Phone Prepaid Services Provider Technologies.

Most popular retail outlets selling prepaid products and services:
1.Convenience stores
2.Check Cashing Stores
3.Liquor Stores
4.Wireless and Cellular Stores
5.Grocery Stores
6.Super Markets, etc.

Prepaid Direct Wireless, POS solution is ideal for retail stores. With our system, the retail store has access to over 180 different products and service without any upfront cost, no inventory cost, unlimited supply of pins, 24 /7/365 days availability of products.

Features and Benefits:

1.Availability to sell over 180 different products using the same terminals.
2.No Upfront cost
3.Free Equipment
4.Free Advertisement to every store
5.24/7 - 365 days availability of products.
6.Very Secure and Easy to Use.
7.Real Time Online reporting - Merchants and Agents (commissions reports, sales reports, etc)
8.Multi Lingual Customer Support
9.Prepaid Direct Wireless also supports credit card and check processing on the same terminal along with prepaid service.
10.All in One terminal.

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