Monday, December 03, 2018

Attention, All Wireless Stores - Merchant Retailers!. Welcome to the AT&T SIM Card Program - Cellular Phone Payments System

Merchant retailers earn SPIFFS on all Ports and AT&T Phone Activations, plus able to make payments refill recharge with all the Major prepaid cellular phone carriers like h2o,Boost Mobile, MetroPcs, Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon, Simple Mobile, PagePlus, Lyca, MANY MORE! with awesome discounts to merchant retailers


Prepaid Direct Wireless Solutions offers SIM sales and activations in 42 territories. The most RELIABLE DEPENDABLE cellular phone payments system for Wireless Stores - Merchant Retailers! .

New SIM Cards for this Exciting Program

AT&T PREPAID unlocked Multi-SIM (Standard, Micro or Nano) can be activated on all phone and data only device plans.

AT&T Prepaid Monthly Plans continue to web site click Here view the plans you will be able offer your walk-in customers directly from your stores.

Online Retailer Portal Directly from your Store

Access to all of these features and more using our convenient, user-friendly online portal.


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Phone: 1-877-947-3577

•Please be prepared to complete the following forms: (1) Retailer Agreement, (2) Form W-9, (3) Sales & Use Tax Certificate

(1) Copy of Valid Drivers License, (2) Copy of Voided Check, (3) Reseller Certificate

•Please complete all forms in their entirety

•Once submitted, a Prepaid Direct Wireless Solutions representative will contact you, Will call or via email to complete account setup


Cellular Airtime

Prepaid packages have caught up to, and indeed surpassed, the value offered by traditional post-paid plans.

To customers outside of North America, this is nothing new; prepaid cellular airtime has long been business as usual across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Now a whole new generation of American consumers has begun to realize the promise of prepaid:

•increase your digital anonymity

•control spending to meet your budget

•avoid overage charges on restrictive data plans

•save money


We offer cellular recharge services through over 30 carriers in the US and more than 130 internationally. Our industry leading rates will keep your customers coming back for more.

International Top-Up

Being apart from family is hard. Take the daughter who just embarked on a year-long study abroad, or that brother who always seems to run out of airtime when you call. Our internationally integrated technology platform allows your customers to instantly replenish airtime in 105 countries across six continents. Give your customers piece of mind and empower them to help the ones they love most.

Long Distance Phone Cards

In today’s globalized world, families, like business, are stretched across the globe. In the United States, there are over 86 million immigrants in the market for reliable and affordable global communication. Whether it’s a Sunday check in with the grandma or letting mom know when the next MoneyGram is coming, we offer a vast selection of competitively priced long-distance phone cards serving virtually every country and territory in the world.


Airtime is useless without a mobile phone. We offer a variety of handsets to make your business the one-stop cellular shop for your customers. From our line of pre-loaded AT&T Go Phones to the latest iPhone, our selection of prepaid devices provides your customers with that extra incentive to choose you.

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Phone: 1-877-947-3577

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