Monday, November 17, 2008

Prepaid Cellular Pins-Top Up Cellular Service Providers are Getting Very Popular for Retailers Walk-in Customers

Prepaid Cellular Phone allows retail customer to take control of cell phone usage with Prepaid Cellular Service cell phone basic. The customer who need a prepaid cell phone are:

Budgent minded cell phone users
Emergency users
Parent who want their kids to stay in touch wiithout the worry of running up a bill
People with some damaged or no credit history

Many retailers walk-in customers now prefer prepaid services since they offer a variety of advantages related to lifestyle and cost control that simply are not availiable through post-paid contract based services.

Prepaid cellular phone have a distince advantage over regular subscriptions. They offer cost control with a fixed price per minute, unlimited talk, and control over cost.

Prepaid Cellular Phones are ideal in the following situations:

If you want to budget your cell phone use.
Want a phone for occasional use but don't want to pay a monthly service fee or enter a long-term agreeement.
Have no credit history or past credit problems.
Usage varies from month to month
Want to buy your children a phone for emergency use but restrict the amount of call they can make
looking for gift

Prepaid Cellular Phones top-ups allow customers the abilty to pay for the exact number of minutes used

up-front cost control
no long-term contract
life-saver for emergencies - accidents, breaking down on the road

Advantages of Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Provide lifstyle advantages: Abilities to limit calling expenditures as well as service duration are especially attractive to students, parents, young professionals, and businesses with contract employees.

Young Subscribers and their parents benefit because the possibilty of recieving an unexpectedly large bill in the mail is eliminated.

Prepaid Cellular Service offers customers more flexibility, and the ability to pay up front for their cellular service, with no contract, no credit checks and no monthly bill, also for someone who doesn't want to talk a lot.

With prepaid cell phones, your walk-in customers pay for what they expect to use upfront, by giving customers total control of cellular costs. Every time your customers run-out, they will come back to buy some top-up airtime at your place of retail business. REPEAT WALK-IN BUSINESS for the retailers who uses the solutions in there business.

Done right, the local convenience store can become the primary source for financial services and prepaid cellular products for needy customers in their neighborhoods.How Prepaid Cell Phones bring repeat business for merchant retailers go to:

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